About Us

Computers are part of our daily lives. From family picture collections, to running an automated system for your business, the possibilities are endless! Time is money, so you can't afford to waste it with a slow computer. There is no need to risk your valuable information or priceless pictures.

Computer Mechanics is a company that has built a solid reputation and high level of customer satisfaction by providing outstanding customer service and the finest brand-name products.

Since 2010, Computer Mechanics has been helping customers with a unique experience in computing and technologies; there is no problem, which our elite tech team cannot solve. You will not have to wait 30 minutes on hold to get an answer or box up your computer to ship it back to its maker. We do not believe in making our customers wait. We respond to you in the shortest time possible.

For many years Computer Mechanics, has been helping companies to do business more easily and profitably. Because businesses both large and small live by the phrase; "time is money" and cannot afford to be faced with computer "downtime" due to software or hardware problems. The professionals at Computer Mechanics, located at 1795 Washtenaw Ave, in Ypsilanti MI, phone (734)-340-9776, are certified computer specialists who offer the support and service needed to keep your systems up and running.

In today's highly competitive and technical world, computers have become a vital part of our success. Protect your valuable investment by having your computer system checked by us today. Along with preventive maintenance, Computer Mechanics offers a complete line of computer support services unique for your business. Do not take chances on employing technicians who guess at the solution to your computer problems. These professional consultants at Computer Mechanics will determine and correct the problem for your business in the shortest time possible.

Drawing upon their years of experience in this highly technical field, Computer Mechanics can turn "downtime" into productivity. Personalized, professional systems analysis is only one of the many reasons they are so well known among successful businesses in this area.